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Safer HealthTravel is the first step to feel this safety.
We offer exclusive consulting services to the people coming to Turkey for a Health trip with specialties both in health and in law.

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Do you have many questions in mind before making a decision? Can you not decide on the treatment because you are not sure?
Our main goal is to provide information to improve the decision-making process of foreign patients coming to Turkey for a medical treatment.
We search the doctor, the healthcare to be received, the hospital, and the travel agency, and help you make sure:


Check Your Health Treatment Journey

A One-Stop-Service for your Safe Treatment 

You do not need to look further or waste your precious time searching healthcare that you will receive doctor, agency, and hospital.

Leave the search work to us and enjoy your health trip.


Plans & Pricing

No Hesitation. No bad surprises. 


Safer Health Travel

Before Decision

  • Check Surgeon
  • Check Hospital
  • Check Agency
  • Check Health or Beauty Service
  • Report
  • See Sample Report

90€    25€

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Safer Health Travel

Document Control

**The report is submitted within 7 to 14 days.
The number of pages to be evaluated should not exceed 15 pages and 300 words per page.

  • Check Documents To Be Signed
  • See Sample Report


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Safer Health Travel

Face to Face

  • ** Accompany you on the day you will sign documents (usually the day of surgery)
  • Check Documents To Be Signed

50€  / +25€ per hour

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Reviews of our customers who Trusted Us and received consultancy🌏

“I wanted to have obesity surgery in Turkey. I had heard about a few reliable names from my friends or the internet. But still, I was nervous. A friend of mine suggested SHT. I took a report. They went and examined it on site and presented a detailed report. Once I was sure about the healthcare I was to receive, it became more enjoyable to visit Istanbul.”


“I studied many health institutions. I found a business offering an affordable price. I wanted to try. Before deciding, I came across SaferHealthTravel and asked for a report. I was glad to have asked for it as they weren’t authorized to perform that surgery. Perhaps you saved my life, thank you “


“When the lawyer consultant arrived, the documents that I would sign, and the behavior of the staff changed. When the new documents arrived, I learned the items I should not accept. When it was refused, we canceled the surgery. I was glad to have received support.”

Gunnar Kessler / GERMANY

Consultants are really concerned. They were very helpful. I could have given up until the last moment because I was hesitant. The consultants gave such good and detailed information that I got the result I wanted from the surgery and I did not worry at all. I highly recommend it.


SaferHealthTreatment is indeed the first step if you are going to have surgery in a foreign country. I exceedingly got my money’s worth. Thanks to them, I chose the affordable and the right place. A great team, hospitable and honest people.

Irina Grin / USA

Extremely happy with my is the first step to feel this safety who is going for Surgery Turkey. it’s totally worth it, GREAT TEAM. NICE HONEST PEOPLE

Bakhouch Achref / UK

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